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Welcome To Corfu 

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible in Corfu. That’s why we have compiled some useful information, with all the tips and local knowledge to help you explore the island like a local 

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The Lifting Room 


The Lifting Room is now open in Acharavi. It is a well equipped space, suitable for weight lifters and general fitness goers. The gym includes a vast range of cable and plate loaded machines, cardio machines and accessories. The lifting Room is fully airconditioned and has a great view too! 

OPEN 24/7

To access the facility hit the link and follow the steps to redeem your access code and you're good to lift!

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We provide exclusive properties that showcase the sheer versatility of our offerings and take great pride in doing so. Businesses of all sizes and industry can trust us to provide exceptional venues tailored to meet clients requirements, while visitors can take full advantage of the properties we offer for their holiday rentals."

Corfu Town


Corfu Town, the most beautiful city in the Ionian Islands. Situated on a small peninsula about halfway down the east coast of the island , Corfu Town is a place where history and modernity are intertwined.

Explore the town’s historic buildings, its vibrant culture, and its endless gastronomical delights. Whether you are looking to tour through the old city, shop until you drop or enjoy a cup of coffee in the cozy cafes. Corfu Town has something to offer you.

Heavily influenced by the Venetians, the French, and the English, Corfu Town is an excellent starting point for exploring the island. Get lost in the small cobblestone lanes known as "kandounia," visit museums like the Museum of Asian Art, wander down the famed Liston promenade or saunter around the massive Spianada square. The entire village of Corfu has a vintage charm!

The Biggest Event - Easter in Corfu

The Easter of Corfu is famous in all Greece because there is a big festival in the old city with music, dances, banquets and naturally religious celebrations. The custom that everyone is keen to experience on the island of Corfu during Easter! The famous smashing of Botides, which are huge clay potteries, takes place on Good Saturday April, representing the First Resurrection. People throw big clay pots filled with water from their balconies while the orchestra is playing.

The philharmonic orchestra Probably the most widely known and oldest philharmonic orchestras in Greece dating back to 1630, is the first sign that Easter in Corfu is about to begin.  On the Friday before the ´Holy week´, the philharmonics are gathering in the Church of ´Saint Spyridon´ protector of the island starting their first concert with psalms. During the week, the philharmonic orchestra is parading around the island spreading the sounds of psalms to honor Greek Easter

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